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Superb Woodworkers in Kohima

In search of a unique wooden artistic piece? Look no further than Chesezu Wood Carving. We are a Kohima-based woodworking team able to carry out bespoke orders. In the past we've made sculptures, statues, hand-carved figurines, chairs, stools, and even wardrobes. If you've got your own timber, design, or ideas, we can help create the piece you're after. Just get in touch with our team today on +918729877551, and we'll get back to you with a nifty quote.

Hand Carved Items

Our skill and experience when it comes to making bespoke, hand-crafted wooden items, is second-to-none. We have all the tools, chisels, lathes, you name it! We also have a good grasp on the varying requirements for each wood, no matter how soft or how hard. So if it's an oak chest you're looking for, or a soft pine stool, we can do it with a lovely varnish finish. Whatever you want, just let us now and we'll get it done!

Our Timber Inventory

If you don't have the raw materials to hand, we can source those for you, no problem. We know the best timber merchants in the area, so no need to worry. Whether you want local timber such as oak, ash, or elm, we can get those, in fact we already have those in our workshop. Should you want something a little more special, let's say mahogany, then we can get that for you too, but there might be an extra cost because it's a luxury product nowadays!


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